About FreeEats.com

Welcome to FreeEats.com®, a "pay-you-to-view" mobile phone network. We pay registered members to respond to surveys and view our clients' advertising and other content on registered mobile devices. If you register, you'll get paid to receive messages that may contain links to other content, including our own FreeEats.com surveys.

The large Internet companies have made billions of dollars by charging companies and organizations for the right to put their name, products, goods, services, initiatives and experience in front of you so that you will choose them for what you want to do, buy, take action on or sell. We have figured out a way to put some of that cash in your pocket by cutting out the middleman.

Our system allows registered members to be paid to receive and view content on their mobile devices. Instead of companies and organizations paying the large Internet companies money to reach you, we've leveraged years of experience and proprietary technology so that companies and organizations can cut out the middleman and pay you directly for your attention (and in some cases action.)

For more information review our frequently asked questions page.